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Just a couple of things... McFadden several times didnt see the seam backside where Veldheer and Carlisle got their guys on the ground and just ran right into the pile. The cutback was there 4 or 5 times he didnt see it.
But it was established years ago that McFadden is at his best in a power blocking system. The difference between his production in a ZBS compared to a PBS is night and day. And a coach has to cater to the ability of his players, something the current regime isn't willing to do. It's idiotic. Getting rid of the offense and special teams from last year was idiotic period. But that's a whole other topic.

I dont see how you can give the guy big money when he has yet to play a full season. And with all the colleges running the inside and outside zone play, 1 cut runners are a dime a dozen.
On this we agree. I don't know if it was possible to trade McFadden for picks but I thought we should have done that (if possible) and kept Bush and Taiwan Jones and then acquired two more RBs and ran a utility back system. The days of the star running back are nearly over because an injury to such a player cripples the entire team. And when McFadden gets injured again, either due to the same foot problems or from getting outright killed due to overuse, we'll be in that exact situation.

Also, it's apparent that both Knapp and Palmer were relying on DMC to carry the entire team. It sounds anti-instinctive but at this point the offense might do better without McFadden because it would force Knapp and Palmer to try and use the rest of the players. But that would take some creativity, something Knapp doesn't appear to have a lot of.
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