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Originally Posted by yerner View Post
Osweiler a top 5 pick? That's funny. You obviously never watched him play. Not even close to a top 5 pick. Ever.
i watched a lot of his games at ASU. i wanted the Broncos to draft him.
he had maturity issues at ASU(especially with Erickson) but he's a great talent and was seen as a 1st round pick had he gone back. he was talked about as a potential last first last season but Weeden passed him up in the overall scouting process due to red flags.

if Oz had gone back to ASU and had improved just slightly under Graham and his staff he would have gone top 5. he would have been the top QB on the draft board and his size, frame and potential would have likely gotten him drafted by a QB needy team.

he would have been the only full on pro style QB with additional potential and projectability. all the other top QB's regressed badly and had to return to school or got drafted low.

the big time QB's were supposed to be Barkley,Thomas,Glennon,Bray,Manuel,Mettenberger and Murray.
Barkley was supposed to solidify #1 overall, Thomas was supposed to end up as the #2 QB and Murray was supposed to be #3 unless Glennon surpassed him.
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