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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by Bronx33 View Post
I love it when i totally forget about bands and then rediscover them all over again and i did it again when you made that post about new wave (thanks) question they may have there own genre but what are your thoughts on the B-52s early music.
That first self-titled album is a lot of fun....if you get the jokes that is. The Girls were always horrible vocalists, bent on kinda lampooning that whole Carolina soul thing and Schnieder...well, he's like a living, breathing cartoon character with a cartoon voice to match. The band barely knew how to play and the lyrics were beyond witty. Somehow it all worked. Everyone knows "Rock Lobster" of course, but the best tunes IMHO were "52 Girls" and the number one....ahhh "6060-842" (I had to look it up, been awhile). The cover of "Downtown" was funny as well.

Whilst I still have that album, I don't have Wild Planet anymore....outside of "Private Idaho" the joke seemed to wear thin, material didn't work so well, etc. You know, the usual second album slump. After that, I checked out the ep with David Byrne on it (and when that guy shows up on anything past 1979, you know you're in for medicore listening) and promptly lost faith....after that, nothing grabbed me and almost everything by them irritated me to no end.
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