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Fedorov injures his shoulder in the Blue Jackets preseason opener.

Pronger sick and tired of the rumors about his departure from Edmonton.

"I knew I'd be Public Enemy No. 1 ... but I'm pissed off by all the rumours and innuendo surrounding my leaving," Pronger told the Edmonton Journal.

"I've heard all the nasty stuff, about all my girlfriends...that I've got more kids than I started with. I must have six kids out there.

"It started off with I slept with so-and-so, and I'm having kids, then it moved to my wife sleeping with some of my teammates. I was supposed to be having a kid with a reporter, then she said, 'I don't know what they're talking about.' Then it went from story to story."

"The fans have every right to feel how they feel," Pronger told the Journal. "Some understand, some don't care. Others, I'm sure, want to tell me to screw off."

"Fans are's the nature of the beast," Pronger said to the paper. "You're an idol when you're on their team. They love to hate you, hate to love you. Now, they'll be back hating me. They always did when I was on other teams."

He's sick of the rumors, yet he still won't say why he asked for a trade out of Edmonton. Let the rumors continue.
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