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Your the one that said they had all these great WR's that were drafted and their RB's were nothing. Harvin was a RB at Florida when you said he wasnt. Well, where are all these great Florida WR's at?

Delusions indeed. We cant help it if you were dropped on your head when you were born. Stupid is what stupid does and you make stupid posts.

The guys here must be proud to have you
Harvin was drafted in the first round as a receiver.. there's one. Louis Murphy, Aaron Hernandez, Riley Cooper, David Nelson, Bubba Caldwell.. ALL these guys are much more known than Florida's supposed primary players in their runningbacks..

It's truly absurd you are even arguing otherwise..even with opposing defenses trying to shutdown the pass first and letting the Gators run the receivers completely out shined the runners..

If that doesn't tell you what will?

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