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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I'm definitely going to fork over for a babysitter and go see this soon. This and Man of Steel are my top priority this summer.

And it appears Miss I was right. ;-)
I completely I agree with this post and if I was anywhere near you I'd volunteer to babysit just you could see it so we could talk about it. I loved it, but I am not as let's just say biased about the series. I just watched if from a set aside reality and any previous star trek perspective and enjoyed the ride in 3-D. I took my Godson and we had a blast. I don't want to say more because I truly think it's better to let everyone experience it for themselves and make their own choice. I liked it though and am, as you said also, looking forward to The Man of Steel (though my reasoning has more to do with the eye candy playing Superman...hey, you get your hot Asian chicks, I get hot English dudes wearing tights, it is what it is).

And K I am always right, when will you learn that? (ok, maybe not always, but at least sometimes).

I hope you enjoy the film K.
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