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Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange View Post
JD Drew might be the dumbest person on earth.

You know, because teams are going to be lining up around the block to pay him more than the $11 million per season he was scheduled to make over the next three years.
Believe it or not, the market is thin this year and chances are he will make more. While I never liked Scott Boras who is Drew's agent, I don't think he is dumb. Im just glad he is gone and Coletti (Dodgers GM) is pissed.

Originally Posted by Coletti
-"He moved on and we'll move on," he said. "We'll find a player who wants to stay here. Scott broached [the opt-out] and I said if that's what you decide to do ... I'm finished with it.

-General Manager Ned Colletti said he was "surprised" and "disappointed," because Drew said repeatedly last season that he did not plan to exercise his opt-out clause.

"I know J.D. is a spiritual guy and a man of his word," Colletti said. "I guess he changed his word."

-"This decision had nothing to do with the Dodgers," Boras said. "J.D. is happy with the Dodgers. He enjoyed his time with the Dodgers. He would certainly consider returning to the Dodgers."

Said Colletti: "I'm done. He wants out. He can have out."


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