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Originally Posted by Archer81 View Post
I do not believe we are a deeply racist society. I think we are a society abnormally hung up on race. We refuse to have open debates on the topic, and if someone tries they are labeled racist if they have an opinion that deviates from what is deemed politically correct.

I have no problem with a native american group calling themselves whatever the hell they want. I wouldnt care if a predominantly white highschool does the same. A team calling themselves Braves or Chiefs or Indians or using specific tribal names should not be even in the thought process as racism. It's part of our history, isnt it?

Redskin, however is racist. It did not start out that way, but that is what it morphed into. The team name should change, but truthfully I dont care if they change it or not. It's not my team, I'm not a fan of theirs so I could care less.

And I was not comparing Redtails/Redskins because of the use of the word Red. Both specify a group based on race. If you are talking redskins, it is a reference to American Indians. Redtails is a reference to black fighter pilots. It's the same thing, even if one is positive and the other is not. That is what I was referring to.

We need to stop whitewashing (raycis!!!) our past, and it seems to go to two extremes. Either we erase all traces of race and sterilize the discussion, or inject modern takes into historical paradigms and judge it on modern morals. History does not work that way, and when you do that to history you open up the danger for the real evils of racial and religious conflict to happen again.

So again I reiterate...Washington should go with Warriors if they want to avoid offending anyone. Or ManBearPigs.

We can agree to disagree on our thoughts on the level of racism within our society. As compared to 100 years ago, society has obviously taken great strides, but we're far from a post racial society that some suggest. I, do, however, think the natural progression of acceptance from generation to generation will get us there eventually (even if eventually is a thousand years from now).

I do wonder if there would be any pushback to redtails. I personally don't have a problem with names like Chiefs, Braves, even indians (though chief wahoo really ought to go), and I think Redtails would be even a step beyond that because its celebrating a group of war heroes that overcame prejudice, though I understand Redtails is still viewed through the prism of race. I dont think it would be controversial though.

I think the name Warriors sucks. It reeks of "we cant think of anything else"
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