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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
I am not Kahn but I want everyone to know how much I hate both of the Reboot movies.

So glad JJ has moved on to Star Wars.

Oh broncosteven, its about to get so much worse. I have no love for Abrams, but he does have a decent cinematic eye. No, the real culprits of the Trek Reboot monstrosities have been Kurtzman and Orci, two of the worse hacks in Hollywood who did something I thought impossible, the have made me hate them as screenwriters more than Akiva Goldsmith.

So, while Abrams and Kurtzman have departed unfortunately Roberto Orci remains. (he of 9/11 truther fame who decided to make the plot of Into Darkness a soapbox for his conspiracy theories) And not only will he write the script for the next cinematic atrocity to damage the Star Trek brand, he will direct it as well.

So yeah broncosteven, its about to get a whole lot worse.
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