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You have my stance all wrong. I think there is a lot wrong in our society. To blame it on a lack of "God" in people's lives is ludicrous, simplistic answer to a very complex problem. I was making remarks towards posters who have pressed in this thread that a lack of Christian principle in our daily lives and furthermore, public education system is causing the degradation of the moral fiber in our society. That is a simply silly. It is also a self-righteous way for them to reinforce their own belief system and elevate themselves above non-believers, when without a doubt, they have plenty of work to do as individuals to become better people. (We all do.)

When I grew up, I was pulled around from church to church. I started out going to Catholic mass when I was just a boy. Most my family had a mass exodus from it in the early 90s and we ended up going to a Missouri Synod (sorry if that isn't the right spelling) Lutheran church that was extremely strict. I didn't like it, refused to join confirmation classes with my school friends and when I was a teenager, we jumped to a Methodist church, which I didn't mind at all -- but I just never really understood why I was drug there all the time against my own will.

I have had many bad experiences with church leaders and organizations who have been extremely judgmental in regards to things regarding my family and me personally. I could never understand how such "good" people could do and say such bad things. It was a major turn off.

Nobody is a perfect person, but I am in firm in my belief that most all Christians today use their faith as a trump/carrying card to profess themselves to be of a higher moral standing than others, when they most certainly are not. They are also doing using their faith as a political tool to try and force feed their systemic beliefs onto other people and the general populous. I think that is very dangerous, especially when we live in a country that embodies a separation from church and state.

Suffice it to say, I have quite a few religious friends, and interestingly enough, they are undoubtedly more judgmental than my non-religious counterparts. It is a true observation that can be demonstrably measured based on the course of events that have taken place in my life. My non-religious friends tend to be more kind, more accepting and apt to free and critical thinking skills.

I saw past the mind control of organized religion years ago and will never go back to it. EVER. And no, I wasn't in WA, CO or OR so I didn't get to vote for pot legalization. I definitely would have if given the chance. There is absolutely not reason for the federal government to be wasting time and resources fighting a plant that has been used by humans cross-culturally for thousands of years.

My 2 cents.
I absolutely commend you for getting out of and staying away from the religious folks. Kudos. Legalizing pot is definately the wrong thing though. Same with someone saying that guns are the problem. I can see that some people think that guns just hop up and shoot people all by themselves. Amazing to me. Personal accountability and no repercussions. Just my opinion.
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