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Jordan Taylor

Yep....I feel like crap. I can't believe how poorly they played today.

I could see it from the start...they just didn't show up.

The defense was pathetic all the way around. Stick a fork in Champ...he's done. Von Miller isn't even in the conversation with JJ Watt. Miller hasn't been worth a turd in the last 6 games. Watch the film from today...he was jogging around and not even competing. I thought they should have benched him and playd DJW.

Peyton Manning was absolutely terrible....I mean really bad. Not only did he hand them the game with a pick six, a fumble, and an int to seal the deal in overtime...but, he couldn't throw the ball down the field more than 15yds. Not once did we even attempt to go deep with Thomas or Decker. Not once in over 5 quarters. He just doesn't have the ability to do much more than dink and dunk....and he doesn't believe in himself in the playoffs.

The coaching was the worst. 3rd and 7 with 2:00 minutes left and we run the ball. Had we converted that down....we would have ran out the clock and ended the game. To give up and let them have it back with a minute 40 seconds was the worst coaching I've seen this side of Norv Turner!

I don't even want to hear or read what these ass clowns have to say.

How this team can work so hard to get home field throughout the playoffs and not even show mind boggling.

Holliday is the only one who deserves any credit was so ever...
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