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Originally Posted by BMORE View Post
Lestat what do you see as our options for MLB?
Preference or likely outcome?
Preference is drafting a MLB, signing another one to compete with the draftee and Irving.
In the vein of traditional play calling and possible leader of the defense I would say.
1st Round
CJ Mosley
2nd Round
Chris Borland
4th Round or later
Max Bullough
Jordan Zumwalt
Shayne Skov
Yamin Smallwood
Avery Williamson
Andrew Jackson

If we are simply talking about plugging a guy in there and letting him run around and make plays while Trev still calls the D and the role is more fashioned into a pseudo coverage role.
1st Round
Ryan Shazier
3rd Round or later
Jordan Tripp

I am not sure on Jones,Barrow or Brown. I do not particularly trust either to run the D but I am not sure they would fit fully with a roving or coverage role.

Smallwood and Jackson are pretty much locked into 2 down thumper roles as it stands with their potential limitations in coverage and lateral athletic issues. You could potentially say the same thing about Skov but I think he is not fully back to what he was before the knee injury.

Being completely honest, I doubt we take a MLB. If anything we will likely take a OLB later in the draft to potentially replace Irving in his walk year and provide more depth.

Originally Posted by Shananahan View Post
I'd be interested in seeing your support for this claim.
Paris Lenon,Brian Urlacher and Thomas Davis are the only guys I can remember off the top of my head being moved from a collegiate S position to MLB and being fairly decent at it.
All were college safeties. Most of the LB's who move to MLB in the pros either played MLB in college at times or were moved from MLB to get another talented player on the field to have their best LB's on the field.

There is a long history of guys moving from MLB to a OLB position in the pros, long history of guys moving from OLB to DE or from DE to OLB. But the only ones that seem to play well at MLB in the pros are true MLB's or heady S's that move to MLB.
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