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Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
Our MLB doesn't call the plays nor makes the adjustments though.
Which is part of the issue with the D. He is a part time player and treated as such.
We need a highly talented guy who forces the coaches to keep him on the field, even if that means keeping 3 LB's in instead of utilizing so much of the nickel.
We need a field general and leader at the MLB position. Also, not a single one of our MLB's wreaked havoc except for sucking in the run game til Lenon came in and he was horrendous at just about everything else.
Having someone who can blitz the QB on a delay or drop into coverage and force the QB into a bad decision because he takes away the check down would be huge.
That gives you a legit chance to rush 4 and still get some really good pressure. Then you can bring Ward up and blitz some, use the MLB to blitz or drop back, have Von stay more at SAM and rush & etc.
First, the bolded contradict each other. We have a field general in Trevathan. it worked fine last year, and being our best cover LB he will never come off the field.

Second, Van Noy is excellent in rushing the QB, has above average coverage ability, and can handle the POA in the run.

Third, why can't Van Noy play MLB at a higher level than what we had last year? His ability to play a variety of positions and attack from a variety of areas are a DCs dream. I have yet to hear a compelling reason why he couldn't.
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