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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Bama can't match Texas oil money. You can't offer 100m plus some network money. He may or may not stay at Alabama, but if he stays it won't be because he had a better offer there.
Once the SEC Network comes in 2014 that's at least 25-30 mil per year.
You severely overrate Texas and Oil money.
Bama already generates a **** load of money, plus he has several endorsement deals that the university helped broker that makes him even more money than his initial salary.

Originally Posted by TheChamp24 View Post
There is no way Alabama could match any offer Texas offers up, just no way.
And Saban isn't a God in Alabama, he is the shadow of Bryant there still.
He can make his own legend though in Texas...
Saban is next to God only in Bama right now. Even after the epic FG **** up.
He already is a legend in his own right.
If Texas offered 15 mil a year Bama could match. There is nothing that Texas could offer that Bama couldn't match. Bama's pockets are deep.
It isn't a matter of "can" it is a matter of "will". Smart is the heir apparent so they can let him go if they wish to and promote Smart to HC.
But why let him go when he makes them a ton of money.
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