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Originally Posted by HoustonBroncosFan View Post
The Broncos don't have a chance for way too many reasons for me to explain. One, history. Period. When the pats joined the NFL in 2001, Boom!, we won the superbowl and we kept winning them. It didn't matter who we played, we beat em all...cowboys, bills, yankees...we kicked all their asses. If you part-timers knew your sports'd know you'd be better off surfing or whatever else you do in denver.

And third reason. Skill players, we've got them everywhere. You don't. Start at QB, we've got Brady...and bledsoe backing him up! Who you got? You probably don't even know the name of your back-up QB. Probably don't have one...or even a goalie. Nuff said. By the third period, I'll be laughing my ass off as we're running up the score hitting those three pointers!


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