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Originally Posted by The Lone Bolt View Post
I would expect this to be obvious. What the repubs are hoping for is to delay the PPACA so they can have another year to bash it in the press and turn the public against it. Then, they hope, the dems can be pressured into repealing it.

If they don't get that done a year from now they'll demand another year delay which will push it past the 2014 elections. If they can get control of Congress by then they hope it will make it even harder to implement the law. Ands if they don't get another delay they plan to stomp their little feet again and threaten to shut down the government.

The delay is yet another effort at repeal. Fairness has nothing to do with it.
Delaying the individual mandate has absolutely NO EFFECT on the rest of the bill. You still get your community rating, expansion of Medicaid, free birth control, etc. ad nauseam.

The latest bill passed by the House is a compromise which simply wouldn't force people to buy insurance. Obama and Reid are not being honest when they say otherwise.
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