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Originally Posted by montrose View Post
It seems to work that way so often though, a team swoops in and gets the deal done. From Peyton's perspective if we made the assumption the money was equal both places- which we dont know for sure - here's the advantages I can think of...

Strong leadership between Elway and Fox
Flexability to mold the offense how I want (although Tennessee could offer this too, but Denver is proven to be very flexible after last year)
Intriguing WR prospects in Thomas and Decker
Decent OL and running game (they wont be 1st in NFL w/out #15 and the zone-read)
Weak division for the taking
Defense already has good pass rushers since we'll be playing with a lead
Plenty of cap room to add other players
Good city to raise the kids
Don't have an 89 year old owner who overrules his football decision-makers (Tenn's front office had no intention of pursuing Manning until Adams demanded it; he made Fisher draft Vince Young years ago).

Familliarity with the division
Get to smash the Colts twice a year
I went to college there
My wife is from there
Chris Johnson and Kenny Britt
Really good pass-blocking OL
Not a "cold-weather" city (although Klis had facts that showed Denver wasn't one, but apparently that's one of his concerns about the Broncos)
No Tebow circus

What am I missing?
I added one.
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