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Originally Posted by RhymesayersDU View Post
Let me preface this by saying I hate to be one of those hot-and-cold, knee-jerk fans. I fully appreciate that the NBA season is long, and there will be good streaks, bad streaks, wins and losses. Nobody wins all 82, and I doubt anybody even comes close to the 72 mark set by those Bulls.

But with that said, how do the Nuggets lose to a Memphis team without Pau Gasol (foot), Jake Tsakalidis (flu), Damon Stoudamire (sore right knee), and Eddie Jones (tendinitis in his right Achilles')??

AT HOME, no less. Granted, I didn't see the game, so I don't know why they lost. Maybe they shot poorly, maybe they didn't board, maybe Memphis was just hot. I don't know. But whatever the reason, they can't drop these should-win games and expect to be an elite team, expect to have a good playoff-seeding, etc.

I mean, you lose to the Wolves, fine. They have KG, can play some ball, no biggie. Same with the Clippers. Good team. Same with a lot of talented teams. You lose a tough one to a team with a great player or great team, it happens.

But the Grizzlies? And for that matter, the Knicks earlier in the season? Both at home? I could even see dropping some of them on the road. But man, you have GOT to have those games at home.

Like I said, I hate to be riding shotgun on the Nuggs bandwagon one day and a doom-and-gloomer the next day, but along with shooting woes, this will be a hurdle this team needs to get by. We've seen it, they play down to their opposition. We saw it last year. Last year, we beat every good team once or twice. We beat Miami twice, we beat Detroit once, we beat San Antonio, Phoenix, and Dallas at least once each. In some cases twice I think. And then we'd tank to the worst teams in the league. I guess it's a focus issue. Who knows. We've seen them put together great games. Anyways, they'll bounce back. But later in the season, they may be wishing they had this Memphis game back, or that NY game.
It's overall a young team. The "leader" is 22.

We won five in a row. Facing a team we regularly own, missing their star and several key players. And we were at home, somewhere we hadn't lost to them in 17 tries....they had never beaten us in the Pepsi Center. That'a atrap game if ever I've seen one.

We were looking ahead and were taking this one for granted. I think the worst thing to happen was us jumping out to a big lead. Pretyy much lost any fire we were going to have and you need that with a running team that we have.

Last year was similar we'd have games where we just couldn't be bothered to play...seems if you can frustrate the Nuggets they just don't rise up.

But it's a long season, we were due for a stinker...even the Spurs can lose to lesser talent.
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