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Originally Posted by Chrissy Rules View Post
1 zombie is all it takes..Ricks gun was out of ammo and it was a revolver ..What your missing here is the dude was dead before he hit the ground..he shot himself, blood doesn't spew out like that when a person dies..Glen is now a zombie..I betcha ..I hate it but I'm still not over Hershal so I will just add Glen to my sad pile.
you know that the showrunners have refused to acknowledge his death, right? that they have teased that he'll be coming back (alive, dead, or in pieces)? that he wasn't on Talking Dead? that he wasn't listed in the "memorium"?

he's alive. it's a giant fake out by the writers. they'll probably kill Glenn in the final episode of the season, after it's announced that Maggie is prego.
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