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Originally Posted by Johnykbr View Post
SPOILER: ( Drogo only seemed to play lip service to the notion of actually sailing over to Westeros until the assassination. Also, it seems like the Khal's come and go since they are always fighting each other. Of course the big hole in that is that Varys encouraged the assassination attempt, didn't he? )
But these things are not at all inconsistent. Spoiler: (Illyrio brokers a marriage between Dany and Drogo with the objective of gaining the Dothraki horde as allies for a subsequent invasion of Westeros. Thatís certainly how the plan is sold to Danyís brother, Viserys.

As you noted, the problem is that, after the marriage, Drogo is in no rush to cooperate. He has no particular stake in Westeros and he still has easy pickings all over Essos. When Viserys calls him on this, Viserys gets the Gatoraid treatment with molten gold.

So, somethingís gotta be done to motivate Khal Drogo in the proper direction.

An assassination attempt, traceable directly to King Robert, would do the trick, provided that it fails. Varys is in a perfect position to pull this off. He encourages the attempt, which he directs (probably employing a second-rate poisoner to be his dupe.) At the same time, he warns his personal spy, Mormont, thatís itís coming and when and how. Mormont steps in and saves Dany (and the unborn child) and, coincidentally, steps up a rung on the trust latter. It works exactly as planned. Drogo is infuriated by the attempt and assumes that Robertís never going to stop, so he tells Dany that itís now officially ďonĒ with Westeros. Well, at least as soon as his son is born and they can gather up enough loot to get some boats.

And the whole maneuver would have worked if Drogo hadnít been subsequently injured and then vegetated by the queen of medical malpractice
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