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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
SPOILER: ( Again, why put invaluable artifacts in his rivals hands? Even if they had never hatched, theyre worth armies. )
Hmm, quite true. SPOILER: ( I just have trouble with Varys believing that the best thing for the realm could have ever been any combination of Viserys and/or Dothraki.

I can see how he would be able to predict Viserys' demise by putting him with the Dothraki, but I don't think he could have predicted Drogo's demise or the eggs hatching, so I'm not sure what the motivation would be to give Dany the eggs.

Maybe it was just a throwaway, to convince Viserys/Dany that he and Illyrio were behind them. Maybe it was to make Viserys jealous of Dany, further ensuring his death. Maybe Illyrio did it without Varys' knowledge.
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