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OK. That was boring, Rabb. Allow me to write a proper Survivor victory/gloating speech. Ahem....

Originally Posted by Should have been Rabb View Post
Screw all of you maggots who didnít vote for me. I would have won by a LARGER margin, had it not been for a few fools and cowards who decided to place your misguided loyalty with my unworthy opponents! I had all of you pathetic cretins thinking that I flew under the radar, like a cloaked Romulan vessel. In reality, I was highly entertained by the rampant inferiority that was exposed week after week after week. See, I am ironclad. I am a TRUE survivor. I am the walrus koo-koo-koo-choo! Iíve been surviving my entire life. None of you miserable, mangy mutts were EVER going to deny me my rightful place on the throne of Survivor Champions. Sure, you can go ahead and thank JCM, APA, TUVWXYZ, or whomever you want. They only set the table for my destiny. The only person I want to thank is ME. The only person who is worthy of praise is ME. Bow DOWN to the Great and Powerful Rabb. Because, I am a WINNER! No, no. I am THE Winner. WOO!!!

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