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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
I don't much agree with Whitlock (except for when he's trashing the kc chiefs) but I kinda agree with this article. He didn't directly criticize BO, but he came pretty damn close.

One thing he didn't touch on is violence in video games. I really, really think that the modern day video game is absolutely desensitizing youth from the reality of violence.

In the end, everyone has to accept personal responsibility for his or her actions. You can't blame society and this is what I've criticized Whitlock on in some other articles he's written, where he links the modern black athlete to the ganster lifestyle. But Whitlock is right, we glorify the hood. Why? I've never agreed with that type of hype and I never will.

Games are no worse than anything kids see on tv or in movies or read in books or hear in music. In fact its a poor reflection of the violence we have in the world that is not created for entertainment purposes.

I have played videogames since I was 5 years old. I read a ****ton of books and watch a ridiculous amount of movies. The most gut wrenching thing I have ever seen on television was 9/11. Games, movies and books have violence, but there is a distinct division between fake violence and the real thing. No amount of fatalities in mortal kombat could numb the real thing.

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