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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
Iraq is heading into civil war and if there ever was a time to start talks about a Kurdish State, it's now. Again, the USA has to be pro-active in a long lasting peace. Iran is going to embroil Iraq into civil war, that is what Iran wants. The Kurds may be the USA's only real ally in that area. Again, it's complicated but I think the key is Turkey. Turkey has been a long standing ally of the USA and this turmoil in Syria and now Iraq is another opportunity to bring the US and Turkey closer together. It sucks, it's a catastrophy waiting to happen if the USA doesn't take a stance somewhere in this turmoil and that could by with supporting an Independent Kurdish State or bring all parties together to negotiate a long lasting peace (Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran and the Kurds).

You will never convince me that the USA does NOT have the power to lead in these unstable times. I know we can do it, we just have to be smart and negotiate in good faith, knowing full well that not everyone at the negotiating table will do the same.
IMO our relationship with Turkey is at a low point right now. I think you are crazy if you think there is any chance the Kurds will be supported by the USA for an independent state. Not saying they wouldn't make a good ally, just don't see them coming close to the importance of Turkey who holds the keys to the whole region when it comes to the sea access to the black sea.
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