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Shaq Barrett
Default Survivor VI.

I refuse to suck dick.

I refuse to kiss ass.

I'll eat p***Y.

But that is irrelevant to this conversation.

"If I stand here before you, it is because I have ridden on the shoulders of giants."

Any mother ****er, who says different, in this final round, is a liar.

We three finalist represent the antithesis of the spirit of 'survivor'. All of us chose to support some one, with out question. We voted as we were told, and did so with out revolt, rebellion or question.

And to this point, my faith in humanity is rejuvenated. How does one survive when the vested interest of the majority is not with you? How does one understand the meaning of the words of someone who you know is lying to you?


'Trust,' that the world is bigger than you. 'Trust', that the person who says they have your back , does. 'Trust' that when someone says they will go to the grave in martyrdom for you, they will.


'trust' that word is bond, and 'meaning' is meaning.

That is how one survives. No one goes this road alone.

Here. And everywhere.
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