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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
re: racy images policy.

Wow you had/have a very permissive high school/work =) I browse the main with full image filters enabled if I'm anywhere public, let alone at work -- just because of avatars.

(no, I don't give a hoot about them, I'm a big boy, it's just funny)
I'll admit, this is one of the hardest ones of all. We've always tried to give a little bit of leeway on this, but you give an inch and people take a mile. Then they start demanding "what's ok, what's ok, what's ok?" It's like, "don't bust our balls! Use your head, don't be an idiot!"

Life would be simpler if we just banned racy images outright... But also a lot more dry. I figure people should use their heads on both sides. Turn off avatars if you're at work, and keep the images within reason if you have to express yourself with a racy image. If it becomes too much of a headache to moderate, we'll just do away with them. But I'm confident we can strike a happy medium as a community.
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