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I know. Cam is beyond reproach when it comes to character. Not an ounce of Flava in that guy..

Newton allegedly stole a Dell laptop from a UF student’s dorm room and then threw it out of the window when University Police Department officers visited Newton’s dorm today, according to the UPD arrest report. Newton was booked at 2:25 p.m. after the alleged buglary was reported on Oct. 16, according to the report.
He threw it out the window. Now that's NFL-caliber 'out of the box' thinking right there.

Of course we've all heard that College windows open wider than NFL windows. So there' some adjustment needed. But overall, Safari Cam is a virtual lock for the hall.

Police found out via the university’s computer network that someone had logged onto the student-friendly Gatorlink system with the laptop under the identification "cnewton," according to the report. Newton, 19, signed a waiver form Friday allowing the police to view his Dell computer, which appeared to have been painted black and had the spelling "Cam Newton" in white painted letters on the lid, according to the report.
Every GM in the league would be a fool for not signing this guy today. Obvious Peyton Manning level smarts.

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