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My wife loves these books and has been waiting for the next installment for years. She said the Robert Jordan books are her favorite (in her words, she is part of the "Hard Core Fan Freak" group) with GRRM coming in just below RJ, mainly because of the delays in his writing. A bit egotistical as well. His work is "grittier" and she recommends never becoming too attached to any character as shocking things occur. She also is a big fan of Malazan Book of the Fallen by Steven Ericson, but said those are a tougher read, requiring much more attention. She has been looking forward to the series on HBO and following the progress since even before it was officially announced. Apparently some things are different from the books, which could be good or bad. What are the books about? Take various medievel and royal histories, sprinkle in some Tolkien-esque ideas, a dragon or two, witchcraft, religion and some scary unexplained "Others" and you have a start in understanding.

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