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Originally Posted by lolcopter View Post
Not really, by you'd have to be a moron to not want a top 5 RB added to the roster

Oh wait, let's add some TEs who just got cut instead
This is counter productive IMO. Once again this is a passing league and while he would give us the ability to run so does mc gahee, and our other RBs.
Read this the other day and it made more sense than anything else comparison of number of carries between him and TD.

So you're looking at around $20M or more in guarantees, plus a high draft choice, all for a 27-year-old back with 1,762 touches on his tires. If you're wondering, Terrell Davis logged 1,824 touches in his entire career.
Not even mention what JAC would get in return.. Way to much to pay for a guy that has that many miles on his legs and knees..

But then if your a democratic spending someone elses money comes easy for y'all.
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