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Originally Posted by Broncochica View Post
So are you saying that if you're a Tebow fan you're not a Bronco fan Cause I'm a Bronco fan and I support Tebow all the way. He does play for the Denver Broncos and I think alot of posters forget that. All Bronco players need fan support including Tebow.
Apparently you aren't paying attention. A great percentage of the T-boites are ready to jump ship (I don't have a problem with that) because they feel he has been unfairly judged. Most of these people have a OM join date of 2011. And I am sure they all have T-bo jerseys hangin' in their closet. The BS that these people have slung is absurd.

If you don't believe the coaches know more than we do, then maybe we are working in the wrong career field. I trust their judgment on who is the better QB. I support the Denver Broncos, doesn't matter who is QB. Like I said, I like the kid, but he's not there yet.
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