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MT.... I understand where you are coming from. I didn't realize you viewed it the way you do. I thought you kept the love for Forsberg even though you were pained by his departure.
If you hate Forsberg all together, I understand your hatred for the Flyers.

As far as Flyers fans with a chip on their shoulder, yes, we do. that chip comes from 30 years without a Cup. If we sucked for those 30 years, I could see where a chip on the shoulder would be too much. However, we have been a competitor for the Cup in probably 22 of those 30 years. We have been so close year in and year out.
It's like a smoker feening for a smoke. Remember when you quit? Imagine for the first week, someone just held a cigarette just inches from your lips and everytime you went to put it in your mouth, someone crushed it into tiny pieces and then stomped on it as it laid on the ground.
That's what we have dealt with. That's the reason for the chip. broncos fans had that chip after so many super bowl loses.

Flyer fans are some of the most passionate and knowledgable hockey fans around. TSN didn't name them the best hockey town in America for nothing. We are just very hungry and the additions we made this season have added to that hunger.
Don't hate Flyer fans for their passion.
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