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Originally Posted by Smiling Assassin27 View Post
Seems about right to me. Either the NHL earnestly tries to get rid of those kinds of hits or they don't. Shanny's rationale is sound, IMO. To McLeod's credit, he sought out Kronwall quickly to apologize.

If you look closely, right after the play, another Avs player goes directly at the head of Glendening as well. if he connects, glendening is sipping from a straw right now. they missed that one.
I thought Shanny did a good job of explaining the rationale. 5 is a bit stiff given other crimes of late. The unmentioned part is McLeod knew who he was about to hit and was going to make sure that he got every inch of him that he possibly could. If Kronwall wasnt such a big hitter himself, I doubt that McLeod remains that aggressive on him.
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