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Tim Tebow

Elway, “Mr. Bowlen, Payton Manning’s a free agent.”

“Oh.” Bowlen repeatedly nods his head up and down.

Elway, “umm, Mr. Bowlen, I said Manning’s a free agent.”

“Yes, John, I heard you. Is young Irsay drinking and using cocaine again?”

“Not that I know of, it’s just that Manning’s got a bad neck and the Colts have the Andrew Luck draft pick.”

Fox rushes into the room. “Oh, so you heard the news.”

Bowlen, “I told the boy to stick with Jewel of Russia. It has no side effects. ... Joe, what do you think?”

It could be a bold move, Mr. B.”

“So you’re in favor of pursuing him.”

Ellis, “Oh I didn’t say that, exactly.”

Elway, “Sir, we’re only 4 or so players away from having the defense turned over. If Payton can stay healthy, we could win ten games.”

Bowlen, “.” Nodding his head up and down. His eyes close and his chin falls to his chest, and he begins snoring.

Elway looks around the room. Only Fox will make eye contact. Elway reaches over onto Bowlen’s desk and pushes a book off and it falls to the floor with a loud thud.

Bowlen, “oh, yes .... here you all are .... Where’s Xanders? He’s not showing me respect ....”

Elway, “Brain’s down running some cap numbers to see what kind of an offer we can make Payton.”

Bowlen, “John, what do you think?”

Elway, “I’d jump on it....”

Bowlen, “No, the other John.”

Fox, “Well, assuming Payton would be ok throwing not more than twenty passes a game, I could work with that.”

Bowlen, “But I love young Tim’s enthusiasm. Reminds me of a blind Mexican girl who worked in my garden for years .... so dillgent, until her fingers wore down. Had to let her go after that .... pity.”

Elway, “We could still keep Tim, Mr. Bowlen. I don’t think Payton wants to run anymore quarterback sneaks.”

Fox, “Oh my God, Duke. I could put them both in the backfield on the goal line in shotgun, and direct snap it to either one .....

McCoy jumps out of a chair, and he and Fox do a hip bump and simultaneously shout “Wildcat.”

Elway, “We’d sell a lot of club seats, Mr. Bowlen.”

Bowlen, “Oh all right.”

Elway, “Mr. Bowlen, can I hire back Tuten?”

Bowlen, “But why, John? We had all the muscle pulls.....”

Elway, “I wanna make him an offer he can’t refuse.”
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