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Originally Posted by Taco John
Hey all... I didn't expect it, but I've gotten a few PMs about how to donate to the site. Apparently there are a lot of people pleased with the new upgrade... :rainbow:

I certainly don't expect anything, but am happy to receive when I do. It goes a long ways toward offsetting costs (ie. a new liscence for the board software, server costs, domain costs, etc.). For those who are wondering what is a proper amount, don't worry about it... I've gotten anywhere from $2.50 on up. Just ask yourself how much you feel the site has been worth to you, and what you can reasonably part with...

And again, I don't expect a dime. I do this out of love for the Broncos and its fans, and with hopes that I can someday do something really special with the site when the time is right.

It's important to note that these are "gift donations" for tax purposes... (I can accept any gift under $10,000 without tax complications. Anything over that, and I have to report it).

Thanks for the support!

Hey, Taco, if sending you more than $10,000 is going to be a hassle, maybe I should just forget the whole thing.

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