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Will Parks

Originally Posted by errand View Post
Sure Broncos went 1-4...but that defense you're so quick to blast held CJ2K to 2.9 yards per carry and we lost 2 of those 4 games by a FG each. (Raiders 23-20 and Titans 17-14)

And they also caused a fumble, which led to our 2nd TD and held SD to six 2nd half points which enabled our offense to almost come back against them...but keep acting like they didn't play good enough to go 3-2 or 4-1.....

Just like Orton played like **** in the early games going 1-4...Tebow played likewise in finishing 0-3
Where did I trash the defense? Oh, that's right, I didn't. I merely pointed out that it was the same unit that couldn't win anything with Orton.

Tebow was the difference between this team being 8-8 and winning the first playoff game in a decade and this team being 5-11 and staring up at the Chiefs.

Regardless of you, and all the others who just can't stand Tebow for whatever reason, think, that's what happened last year. Tebow was the difference, not the defense gelling, not a few lucky plays, it was a change at the QB position.
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