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Originally Posted by baja
OK I've read much of this thread and this is my take.

If the Bronco's dump Tebow because they have an old, injured HOA QB for a few years at best I will dump the Broncos as my favorite team of 41 years.

Tebow has earned his shot. If he doesn't get it F the Bronco organization. I don't want to be a fan of a classless organization. There is already too many classless persons playing the sport.

These are your exact words...not mine. I haven't altered anything that you posted.

You admitted you read a lot of the posts in the thread.....and despite numerous members giving rational, sane, lucid and logical reasons to be for the Manning acquisition, you still said that you'd quit being a fan of the Broncos if they traded Tebow after acquiring Manning. you called them classless....and said **** them....

your mind was already made didn't seem to be warming up to anything. And I have no idea what page this was on originally, but I'm sure you posted your bull**** a few days before Manning signed with us.....and after many people provided many reasons why the Broncos should acquire Manning.
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