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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post

There's nothing Tim Tebow could've done to beat the New England Patriots last year. Our defense has improved, yet we still just finished watching them march up and down the field on us all game. Modern league record for first downs given up in a game. PMFM couldn't make it happen.

I personally wasn't as concerned with the NE game as much as I was the Buffalo game and especially the KC game with the playoffs on the line.....needing the win to make the playoffs...and like many others on here have pointed out, had the Raiders not **** the bed vs. SD...the OT win vs. Pitt never happens....why?

Well, a big reason (but not the only one) was 6-22 for 60 yards 1 INT and a red zone fumble performance by Tebow

As for this season's loss to NE...the Pats added a new wrinkle of no huddle fast break that kept our defense from making substitutions and it gave them favorable match-ups....however the D made some half time adjustments and the offense came back...had McGahee not dropped a 4th down pass and then later fumbled, I think we might have been able to steal a win despite the record setting day by the Patriot offense.
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