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Ahh...but yet you labelled those of us who had concerns with Tebow's inability to throw accurately as "haters" and other derogatory names.

Amazing how you can claim you liked Jay and Jake, but you couldn't comprehend anyone liking Orton and Tebow in a similiar manner. Just because we supported the coaches decisions doesn't mean we hated the guy they didn't pick.....most of us in fact were hoping he would develop, but lost faith in him when he failed to show us anything but being able to run through DB's and "Tebowing"

And while some of us supported Orton, none of us whined like little b****es when he was bench and subsequently sent packing after being turnover prone....unlike you and your cronies, who were on here crying, name-calling, waxing poetic about the tears you and your child cried over Elway trying to make this team better.....

hell Baja was b****ing so much about Elway pursuing Manning and possibly getting rid of Tebow that he called this organization "classless" and said he'd no longer watch their games or buy their gear or even check the box short he said he'd no longer be a fan of the Denver Broncos.

And despite many of us making logical and reasonable arguments for pursuing and signing Manning, and making the same kind of logical and reasonable arguments for how a QB of Manning's talent would vastly improve this team as a whole, you and your clown posse continued to name call and defend the non-throwing QB you were man crushing on.
I called you a hater because you were (and are) Please quit with the revisionist history. You were against Tebow before and after he took over for your neckbearded boy wonder.

Or I guess maybe you'll be able to explain to me how your suggestion that the Heisman Trophy winner should attend someone's local high school football camp to learn how to fro spyros was really a reasonable, rational take instead of the mumbling of some idiot who couldn't stand Tebow before he ever even got going.
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