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Originally Posted by baja View Post
So tell me you spend hours with your juvenile witch hunt scouring a 200 page thread for what reason exactly?

Read a few more of my later posts on that thread and you will se I came around warming to the idea and eventually liking the idea but you won't post any of those because it would not contribute to inflating that insatiable ego of yours.

You must be one hella low esteem kinda a guy.
so in your opinion, a guy with an insatiable ego has self esteem issues? OK....

It's not a witch hunt....the clowns I call out know damn good and well they acted like fools dismissing this team, coaches, FO, fact until broncalijohn quoted your post, I had completely forgotten you were a whiner in this thread. I didn't have to peruse 200 pages of stupid ignorance typed by those who I've called out....but thanks for playing.

Oh, and trying to climb onto the Ark now that the rains have come (Tebow approves of this Biblical analogy doesn't excuse your saying **** the Broncos and that they are a classless organization....well, at not least to me.

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