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so if i understand this logic correctly.

people in favor of this move believe:

1) Manning is the one piece we're missing that gets us back to the SB
2) Manning is perfectly healthy and there are no worries about his multiple neck surgeries
3) Bowlen is willing and able to pay Manning a fortune to come here
4) Denver will be overflowing with rainbows and unicorns if this happens
5) the only people against it are Tebow fanatics who really aren't Broncos fans and can go to hell anyway

people not in favor of this move believe:

1) Manning is old
2) Manning is hurt
3) Manning is too expensive
4) we are much farther away from the SB than just 1 player
5) building through the draft is the only proven method for getting back to yearly SB contention
6) Elway, Fox, and Xanders were being truthful last year when they said we were committed to rebuilding through the draft and going back to being a run dominant team

i ask everyone, which group is basing their opinions on established facts and which group is indulging in speculation and wishful thinking?

offseasons on the OM really suck. i'm sick of all the unnecessary drama. every year for 5 or 6 years now, the offseason has been a trainwreck for this organization. i hope Manning signs with somebody else quickly so we can put this silliness behind us and focus on making some real improvements via the draft.
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