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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by AlecRaenos
IM satisfied that Denver won a game that it didnt win in previous years.

Im satisfied that we got a turnover and didn't give any up.

Im satisfied that we can run on anyone, no one can stop us.

Im satisfied that the defense can play like studs even in crap weather.

Im satisfied that we just dethroned one of the unbeaten teams, another went down earlier and yet another is looking to lose against a team we already beat.

Im satisfied that the Astros won the longest playoff game in history to take the series from the Braves 3-1.

Im satisfied that I was there for 13 of those 18 innings and watched both grand slams, another first in playoff history.

Im satisfied with this day in general, and the weekend as well as OU got trounced, Denver won and the Astros took down those silly Braves whom I hate with a passion rivaled only by my passion to hate the Raiders, Chiefs, and Waffle ****nut.

Im satisfied that we dont have to listen to anymore Skin trolls.

Im satisfied that the last two guys from Oklahoma State University have been great additions to our team.

Im satisfied that we are 4-1 on top of the division and only looking to get better.

Are there things I would have liked to seen differently? Sure, but the end result is what I was after, everything else is just gravy.

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