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Paul Ernster

Originally Posted by SoCalBronco
It certainly feels good to win, but satisfying? No. We made too many mistakes and got outplayed in too many areas to feel good about the actual caliber of play out there. We are 4-1, but we are still inconsistent as a team. The level of play even on a bad day like this one is still much better than the Miami game, but I think we are still not quite the elite team that we are shooting to be. The Skins played pretty good, its not just us missing oppurtunities. They forced mistakes too, but still, we were not sharpe. The schedule is going to hit a rough patch now and then in the last 5 weeks of the season its going to hit an extremely rough patch. We are a pretty decent football team, but still will have an extremely hard time getting past 10-6.

I love your enthusiasm.

I do agree the schedule only gets tougher, but i think after a win like this it will help in the long run. Dirty wins are still a win.

Yes, im very staisfied with the win. The O had wayy to many 3 and outs. BLah blah, the rain, blah blah. Didnt see the Skins having trouble. The Offense needs to get goin or else the D will wear down.
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