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Default Ugly, sloppy, and poorly played, yet we win... Is this win satisfying?

Tough game all around. Aside from the referees, who were absolutely atrocious in this mess (Bad calls against the Redskins, absolutely no holding calls either way etc), I really thought we could have and should have won this game walking away. Give major credit to the scrappy Redskins team for putting up a wonderful fight all day and more or less dominating us all day in our house.

Random thoughts that come to mind in this game.

- We are a terrible bad weather team.
For whatever reason, Jake and the boys just do not play well in unfavorable conditions. I realize that some of our games wont be played in great conditions, but looking back at letdown games like this (Oakland at home last year, the Bears at home '03 come to mind), there is clearly a trend forming for this team when the bad or hot weather hits. And if that is the case, I dread playing the Raiders on Christmas Eve day if there is even a hint of snow. We need to take advantage of these conditions better if we expect to play into January.

- Is this win is the most satisfying one of the year?
Yes... In letdown games like this in the past, the Broncos have always managed to bungle it away with stupid penalties and last minute heroics by the other team. Sound familiar to today? Fortunately, we found a way to walk away with very minimal effect. A big win, against a real solid and undefeated team, perhaps the toughest all-around team we have faced all year. Plus no major injuries, and a 1/2 game lead further on the Chiefs makes this one pretty sweet. Tough wins are always the sweetest in my opinion.

- Five games in, has this team found its identity?
Jekell and Hyde reign with this club. We seem to really be streaky at times as this season moves along. After a real smackdown on opening day, this team seemed to really find itself about halfway through the Chargers game. But, after a real laugher against the Chiefs, and a fantastic effort against Jacksonville, we seemed much less inspired today and it showed. Will we be ready for the defending World Champs next week? The Patriots might be the only team that is harder to predict than the Broncos right now. Inconsistancy on both sides of the ball must end if we are to consider ourselves a top-tier club.

- Are we an elite NFL team right now/ Is this team playoff worthy?
Tough wins are the mark of a great franchise, ones that always find a way to get the W even if they did not play well. But does that put us in the league elite? Maybe on defense. Our offense, specifically, the passing game is really a detriment to us right now and our QB and his role must come into focus if we expect to shoulder the real burden of playoff victories on our shoulders.

At 4 and 1, we control the AFC West, life is pretty good right now. Lets just hope we can find a way to win these gritty games and improve the offensive production some more and we can start getting excited about this club's January prospects.
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