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Originally Posted by The Lone Bolt View Post
Krugman doesn't even mention the PPACA in this op-ed, much less compare it to the VA.
He doesn't mention it by name, but he makes clear that he believed the VA to be superior to any individual insurance market.

The individual insurance market, which comes closest to the conservative ideal of free competition, has huge administrative costs and has no demonstrated ability to reduce other costs. Medicare Advantage, which allows Medicare beneficiaries to buy private insurance instead of having Medicare pay bills directly, has consistently had higher costs than the traditional program.

And the international evidence accords with U.S. experience. The most efficient health care systems are integrated systems like the V.H.A.; next best are single-payer systems like Medicare; the more privatized the system, the worse it performs.
Good to see Krugman so fundamentally self-beclowned.
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