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Originally Posted by stoxman View Post
Disagree with Debbie Downer here. Champ, Dreesen and Tamme are sitting on 17 million dollars of cap alone. I would also politely ask Peyton how serious he is about winning a SuperBowl and see if he would do what John did (to bring in Neil Smith et al). We will have some room to get a key player like Byrd if we want it (I WANT IT!).
I would keep Tamme, Dreesen can go we don't need that kind of pass catching depth at TE, we could use a pure Blocking TE or even a hybrid Blocking FB/H-back like the kid Belly tried to replace Gronk with.

I also agree that if Manning wants to really win a SB he cannot keep hamstringing his teams with his huge cap number. I know that is the going rate on QB's these days but he is making money in other area's hand over fist.

No shame in increasing some guarenteed money and taking less overall if your trying to really win a SB. It is apparent he is not going to win a SB in the next 2 years on his own. Not if he has to face teams like San Fran, SeaThugs in the SB.

Edit- BTW Both Tamme and Dreessen are $3 Mill cap hits but Dreessen is 600k dead money and Tamme is $500k. Keep Tamme, cut Dreessen

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