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Originally Posted by 2KBack View Post
Looked to me like Philly went super conservative about halfway through the 3rd quarter. bend no break defense (prevent the big play) and run first, run second and run third offense.
Yes, they did try to slow things down and had trouble doing so as discussed in the article linked below.

The problem was that, after halftime, the Eagles tried to slow things down, and they found that, as counterintuitive as it might sound, it's harder for a team built for speed to slow down than it is for a slow team to speed itself up. After all, every team, fast or slow, has a two-minute drill. The Eagles just start theirs at kickoff.

"That was a lot of fun for the first half and a lot of nerve-racking, bad play in the second half," said Eagles center Jason Kelce. "Like I said, when we're doing our tempo things, and the things we've been working on a lot, it went really well for us. But then we have to be able to close out the game. We have to be able to slow it down and trim some clock when we have that many points on the board. That's really when we began to fall apart as a unit."
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