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Re: The Treehouse.  No Girlz Allow3d!

[quote author=NDGal link=board=jibbajabba1;num=1014731150;start=100#11 3 date=04/28/02 at 19:57:31]As for the Bronco bathroom...I have blue towels, a Bronco candy jar (to put cotton balls in) and a bathroom rug and toilet cover with the Bronco logo...I'm still looking for a shower curtain.  I also have a pic of players on the Superbowl 32 team to hang up and I have a pid of Elway, Aikman, and Young I can hang...sitting with the backs of their jerseys facing outward. It's coming together in time for pre-season, hopefully!

Someone also told me that they have "bronco orange" towels at Wal-mart!
(I might order some Bronco logo towels on ebay, though.)[/quote]

I've seen some really nice Bronco logo towels on ebay... they have just about anything a person could possibly want...

A new Sharpe jersey would be nice to have for opening day, too...

What do you think of the 'Gannon soap opera'? Coming in the wake of Gruden's departure, Rich's absence from the voluntary minicamps is inciting a lot of discontent on the fansinblack board...
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