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Re: The Treehouse.  No Girlz Allow3d!

[quote author=NDGal link=board=jibbajabba1;num=1014731150;start=100#11 1 date=04/28/02 at 19:27:48]The house projects should be interesting....I moved in two years ago and haven't done anything to the walls or anything...I decided to paint my kitchen a rose color (my valance on my window is floral...hunter, burgundy, sage green, rose...with a little blue...)I have a matching border that I haven't put up yet....I'm only going to paint the one's a cutout wall that over looks my steps so it should be easy to do.

In the spare room, I found a denim color...kind of checked blue couch with cream/blue checked/yellow/floral pillows in a sleeper sofa and a loveseat...I might leave the floral pillows off and do a "lighthouse" room and paint it yellow/dk. yellow with a double roller...there's a lot of fun "texture" stuff you can do.  Depends on how ambitious I get! [/quote]

That sounds lovely... the rose color would be pretty with your valance and border. :-)

The new paint rollers and painting techniques do make for a lot of creative possibilities. You don't have to be stuck with 'blah' walls anymore... and the yellow-on-yellow would brighten up the room.

Then, you also have your Bronco-theme bathroom... how is that shaping up?

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