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Re: The Treehouse.  No Girlz Allow3d!

[quote author=Blueflame link=board=jibbajabba1;num=1014731150;start=100#10 7 date=04/27/02 at 22:43:07]

Hi, ND! Sorry I missed you earlier...

Today's been great... we visited friends for a while and then have just been kicking back watching some movies and sipping a few beers...

How's your weekend been?  [/quote]

It's been good...other than locking my house keys and the gargage key in the garage! (Good thing, I gave my friend an extra key to my house!) Sounds like a good weekend with friends for you, too.  I also have been gone all day today checking out different ideas for my kitchen and spare room...paint swatches, furniture, etc.  I came up with a few cool ideas....and talked a girlfriend into helping, too! (She just bought a new house and has been busy decorating...she's the one experienced with a paintbrush...I'm not.)

Then, of course, it being Spring...I had to check out the home/garden section at Menards and Home Depot (Unfortunately, it rained all weekend, so messing in the garden, or should I say, cleaning it up, was out of the question...Oh well...)
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