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Originally Posted by Miss I. View Post
I drank a lot, it was easier to get ahold of. I was way too conservative in college to do anything else. Now my job does random drug tests so its really not worth it. Frankly I am more than happy with wine or beer or liquor. Someday when I retire to Colorado, who knows. heh.
Well I work for Vail, lol. Technically they have an anti-drug policy, but if they drug tested, they'd literally have a tough time staffing employees: ski techs, ski/snow instructors, bartenders, even sales reps, lol.

Everybody in this wonderful state should stop pretending they've never tried it.

Hell, I studied abroad just outside of Amsterdam. If I recall correctly, it really depends on mood... sometimes I just hated the way it made me feel (from a psychological, not physiological, perspective).
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